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Digium Switchvox Goddess, er Product Marketing Manager Tristan Barnum provides an updated response to a query about the prospects of developing an Android client for Switchbox. Note her comment about Android development.

Tristan Barnum

How about I say the same thing, (it’s really not such a terrible answer) but tone down the corporate-ese. :P If people use the ones for iPhone and BlackBerry, we’ll likely build an Android app. And it might do different stuff based on how people use and like the other apps. Android is kind of a beast to develop for because there’s a lot of versions (Blackberry suffers from the same nonsense) so we want to make sure we’re making the most of our development time.

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1 comment to A better answer from Digium about an Android client from Switchvox

  • kricket

    I have an inerview monday in Huntsville. I just watched the demos on your website. Let me say this needs to be in every single company big and small. I have worked in a call center for ten years for 2 of the largest cell phone co. and if they were using this the customer satisfaction ratings would be thru the roof! This would have made my job 100x’s more productive. I know if you had a rep go into either company and demo this they would be all over it! With that said google is trying to take over the world… this product would be a hudge step in that direction and you really need to partner with vzw and google and launch this! Anyone who has ever worked in a call center would be over excited to use this product and an ANDROID app would be the A bomb in the war between at&t and verizon! This would make the android the new and improved crackberry!

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