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Global Crossing carries MLB.com

Global Crossing (www.globalcrossing) has installed some heavy duty bandwidth at baseball stadiums around the country as a part of its deal with MLB.com. 

The company has installed 155 Mbps circuits to all 30  Major League Baseball ballparks around the country and a whopping 2.5 Gbps circuit in New York to enable the MLB.com site to deliver HD-quality video for 2,430 live games, as well as real time access to baseball news, stats, in-game video highlights and other information – with an assist from MPLS.

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1 comment to Global Crossing carries MLB.com

  • Doug,

    Now the stadiums need to go all WiFi, latch on to Boingo so roamers have access, and the MLB.com content in stadium becomes a massive real-time interactive LIVE in person compliment.

    The challenge then becomes to maintain value of the signage in venue as the on screen content, which will be MLB.com advertiser supported will take eyeballs away.

    Just one concern…those foul tips…..

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