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Plum Voice joins the Cloud Telephony app crowd

Plum Voice (www.plumvoice.com) has announced the availability of a cloud telephony solution with a combo of IVR editor/platform accessible through a web browser.

The QuickFuse (quickfuseapps.com) is an IVR editor that puts APIs “in the background” and puts visual call flows to the “foreground” on top of a self-contained cloud service.  The editor enables visual modeling of call logic and call flows by snapping together components from a library of application models that cover all the requirements of IVR, messaging, telephony apps and data management.

QuickFuse can be integrated with external databases and business logic through web service models; there’s also a self-contained cloud database included with every QuickFuse account.

Features include “powerful” outbound calling with a call queue and the ability to create automated caller dialogs with the QuickFuse editor; REST APIs to integrate with external databases; a web browser-based visual interface for building voice apps; and a choice of three (3) text-to-speech engines and nearly 40 voices in a variety of languages.

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