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CounterPath upgrades Bria

CounterPath (www.counterpath.com) has released Bria 3.1 for the Mac and Windows.

The latest version of the VoIP soft client includes support for multiple accounts. Users can select on-the-fly which account to use for voice, IM and HD video calling, regardless of the type of network (wired or wireless) in use. Bria 3.1 also includes an enhanced user interface for a better experience, including supporting expanded conferencing features and server-based conference calling using Bria’s native contact list and call manager.

Other new features include a deskphone mode for using Bria to control the base functions of a desktop handset; SMS support for custom builds; user-configurable favorites lists; additional call management options, including call hold collapse and streamlined steps for tasks such as conferencing and transferring calls; bandwidth-saving features, including the ability to select from three levels of performance and codecs depending on a PC’s capability to display video; improved USB HID support and additional languages supported in the Windows version.

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