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Verizon Wholesale powers up hotter optical offerings

Verizon Global Wholesale (www.verizon.com) is adding a bunch of enhancements to its Optical Wave Service, including OWS to SONET ring services and 40Gbps on OC768C point-to-point links

The OWS to SONET ring services enable the simple provisioning of OWS circuits without having to add nodes.

The new 10G OWS Facilities with multiplex wave services on one end allows customers to aggregate lower speed services at a Verizon switching center onto a 10G wave service or to deliver OWS from a customer location into a collocation space.

Finally, for the “I feel the need, the need for speed” crowd, carriers can now get 40Gbps on an OC768c link in a point-to-point connection.

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