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Is Belkin gigabit powerline firmware rev. 2.0 the answer?

Tom’s Networking has done a review of the Belkin Gigabit Powerline HD with the latest firmware revision, 2.0.

I’ll confess my pair of Gigabit adapters have been gathering dust because they didn’t play well with the 85 Mbps Netgear Powerline bridges I already have in the house, so I’m looking forward to upgrading the firmware and seeing if the devices now play well with other Powerline gear in some fashion.

Tom’s review says the throughput with the latest firmware revision is an  improvement in throughput and range for higher performance. It also suggests that there is still room for firmware improvement – something that I heard at CES from one vendor familiar with the Gigabit device – as well as as a way to work on a low power mode.

The devices also (still, despite being advertised almost a year ago) don’t yet support a mesh-network under the Belkin implementation.

Tomorrow, I’m going to upgrade the firmware and see what blows up when I plug them.

I have to confess, I have been tempted to shell out for Netgear Powerline AV 200 Mbps device, but it too, alas, isn’t compatible with the 85Mbps Netgear Powerline bridge devices.

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1 comment to Is Belkin gigabit powerline firmware rev. 2.0 the answer?

  • Peter Andrijeczko

    To cut a long story short, I had three Netgear Powerline 1 adapters that were working at about 5mb/s maximum between the broadband router downstairs in our house and our two bedroom studies upstairs. Although I have a (Linux) media server downstairs that syncs to my (Linux) file server upstairs which was suffering from some slow connectivity, the fact that our broadband speed was about 2.5mb/s meant the Netgears were good enough.

    However, my broadband got upgraded to 35 mb/s about 2 weeks ago, my missus decided to go wireless working to her study so I bought a pair of these Belkin Powerline adapters at the same time. I was able to get the full broadband bandwidth upstairs with them (I did some broadband speed tests from upstairs in my study) but they did lock up quite regularly, especially when I was downloading to two different PCs at once via the Powerline adapters.

    Having come across this site first, I did the rev 2.0 firmware upgrade just over a week ago and I have not had a lockup problem with them since – so for me it does seem to work very well.

    I will see if I can do some speed measurements over the next week or so and let you know the results – I know for a fact that my upstairs and downstairs mains supply is all the same ring main, so that obviously helps the overall speed.

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