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Microsoft to direct UC SMB customers to Alteva

Alteva (www.altevatel.com) has announced a partnership with Microsoft and Broadsoft, interconnecting its hosted voice and messaging services with Microsoft’s products, including Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Office Communications Suite (OCS).

When Microsoft products are integrated with Alteva’s hosted VoIP service, customers will get voice-enable Outlook calendars and email, phone presence, and business continuity, among other features.

Alteva has a web store where SMBs with less than 25 users can buy on line.  Pricing ranges from a “UC Complete bundle” including an HD voice-enabled solution for $38 per user per month) down to a “Desktop Communications Basic” bundle for $15 per user per month.  Customers can also buy a la carte to purchase Exchange email, OCS, or Alteva’s hosted VoIP service.

Microsoft will be directing potential customers to Alteva through it’s UC website.

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