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It’s official – Metaswitch Forum has been postponed.

The statement from Metaswitch (www.metaswitch.com)

We very much regret that the Metaswitch Forum 2010 (May 17-20) has been postponed.  Our hotel, the Gaylord Opryland has confirmed that they are unable to host conferences in Nashville until further notice due to the flooding that occurred on their property earlier this week.  Naturally, we explored and exhausted all other options in the Nashville area. Unfortunately, relocation to another Gaylord hotel was also impossible.

We are actively considering options for rescheduling our event at a later stage.  We will update you all as soon as our new plans are set.  In the meantime, and starting later this week, we will be providing updates and developments at http://blogs.metaswitch.com/.

We offer our condolences to everybody impacted by the Nashville floods and thank you for your understanding of the circumstances and support for the Metaswitch Forum. 

Steve Gleave
VP Marketing, Carrier Systems Division
Metaswitch Networks

Needless to say, this is one of these tragic “acts of God” things that have no easy fix.  The city of Nashville is, well, broken and with less than two weeks until the conference, you can’t take an event with a couple of thousand attendees and reshuffle it to Las Vegas at the last minute.

(PS – This also is not a problem solved by videoconferencing).

Add on the bumper-to-bumper issue – places like the Gaylord are booked months to years in advance – and you see how things get complicated verrry quickly.

On a guess (MY guess, nobody else’s), I suspect Metaswitch will try to see what they can work out with the Gaylord Opryland in the near term for a reschedule – no need to hit the Nashville economy and people upside the head when they’re trying to climb out of the water.

If that doesn’t work out, plan B could be another Gaylord property – DC, Dallas, Orlando – but you need to look at the previous paragraph to see where that might go south quickly; the DC property in particular is attracting a lot of convention traffic that traditionally took place “downtown.”

Plan C is likely plan V – as in Vegas. Yes, it’s hot, it’s overexposed (to trade shows, PEOPLE, trade shows), but there’s plenty of space available across the city and declines in attendance mean you might be able to make a deal on short notice.

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