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CounterPath releases NomadicPBX app

CounterPath (www.counterpath.com) has launched its NomadicPBX, a turnkey platform for enabling converged mobile and broadband SIP voice, messaging and presence services.

NomadicPBX provides fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) services across any desktop phone, softphone, or mobile phone. CounterPath is pitching the app as a way to give wireless carriers and MVNOs a cost-effective way means to launch enterprise FMC services.

The NomadicPBX app is a presence-based "mashup” of fixed and mobile voice, and IM/SMS technology with a “select set” of enterprise-ready features. Built around the company’s Network Convergence Gateway (NCG), NomadicPBX uses presence for status updates and real-time management of call and message delivery across a wide variety of endpoint types, from PCs to feature phones to smartphones.

As you expect from any FMC app these days, end users benefit from a single number and identity. The app also enables extension dialing (short-dialing/speed calling) from any mobile handset, and supports core dialing features found in most PBX solutions.

As a hosted solution at a wireless carrier, NomadicPBX would operate completely independent of an enterprise IT infrastructure, so fewer support and security headaches within the corporation.

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