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Verizon announces beefed-up Cloud Computing, big pipes for content providers

Verizon Business (www.verizonbusiness.com) announced enhancements to its cloud computing offering and dedicated delivery pipes for large content providers; Verizon is bragging about “flowing” up to half a terabyte per second from Internet and video content owners directly onto its network.

Verizon Computing as a Service (CaaS) now supports server cloning for rapid deployment of multiple services supporting the same app, SUSE Linux is a standard service offering, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 has been added as a “click to provision” database server option, and enterprise customers now can use virtual router and virtual private network solutiosn to connect back-end systems to Verizon CaaS and buy metered, burstable bandwidth up to 1 Gbps for surge needs.

Meanwhile, Verizon’s Partner Port Program provides direct connections with content owner servers to the Verizon network at content deliver access points across the country.  The direct links allow big content providers to bypass traditional “peering” systems with multi-hop paths that can cause latency and quality issues for data delivery to end users.

The Partner Port Program is utilized by “a number of “ individual content companies as well as content aggregators that offer content delivery services to end users.  Current “on-ramps” for customer network include 10 GigE and include support for IPv6 throughout the network.

Verizon plans to scale up this offering with a 100 gigabit Ethernet backbone in the “very near” future and the company is also expanding the offering to Verizon IP networks in Europe and Asia.

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