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Vonage migrates mobile app to Android

Vonage (www.vonage.com) has announced that it has rolled out its Vonage Mobile offering/service to AT&T and T-Mobile Android devices… so what about those other (Verizon, Sprint) devices?

The Vonage Mobile softclient has been kicking around for a while and is already available on the iPhone, BlackBerry and iPod touch devices (with the iPad no doubt about 5 minutes away).  The softclient enables discounted international calling over WiFi and cellualr networks, as well as free domestic calls via WiFi.

Customers can choose between the Vonage World Mobile plan, which includes unlimited international calling to more than 60 countries, or a Vonage Mobile Pay-Per-Use plan; it provides savings of “more than 50 percent” compared to rates charged by wireless carriers for calls to a bunch of companies.

In addition to saving money, the app has the users’ existing contact list and uses the existing cell phone number so call recipients will recognize who is calling.

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