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CEA talks telecom pavilion at 2011 CES

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) hopes to get more telecom vendors to the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) (www.cesweb.org) in January through a dedicated telecom pavilion this January.

“Even three to four years ago, the presence of broadband at CES was limited,” said CEA Senior VP of Industry Affairs Jason Oxman. “Now it’s not about the RJ-11, but the RJ-44 [Ethernet] jack, where [consumer devices] come into the home.”

The fall of SUPERCOMM provided an opportunity for CEA to provide a somewhat-but-not-totally new forum for telecommunications vendors and service providers to do business. “We saw a community that was very focused and we have a logical part of the technology value chain on exhibit at the International CES, so we created this telecom pavilion to and for the telecom and broadband equipment industry,” said Oxman.

CEA talked to a number of organizations, including its member companies which also happen to be TIA members, and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). Oxman pointed out that TIA and CEA used to be parts of the Electronics Industry Association (EIA) and until three years ago were in the same office building in Virginia.

But who will participate? “We expect both” network core and CPE vendors to show up, said Oxman. “The integration between broadband networks and CPE in the last few year has exploded. It’s hard to find an HDTV that doesn’t have broadband capability built in… that’s something that didn’t even exist three years ago.”

The CEA tie-in to broadband devices and the fact that CES 2010 brought in the executives from the top 50 global telecommunications service providers would seem to make a telecom pavilion with a network component a logical complement to the CES show next year, bringing together service providers, CPE companies, and network hardware vendors.

Since the CES telecom pavilion announcement was just made this week, it has generated “a great deal of interest” but it was too soon to discuss vendor commitments.

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