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CES announces Telecom Pavilion

Taking advantage of (hopefully final, stick a fork in it, it’s done) the SUPERCOMM implosion, CES (www.cesweb.org) has announced a dedicated telecom pavilion. (Not that I needed another excuse to go to CES…)

Scheduled to run January 6-9, 2011 in Vegas, the Telecom Pavilion will be focused on broadband equipment and services. More specifically from the press release–

The Telecom Pavilion at CES is designed to bring traditional and emerging communications companies together to leverage the rapid convergence of advanced core network and broadband equipment, services, content and applications. The newly floored CES exhibit space will feature the latest in 3G/4G, broadband, content, copper and fiber-based networks, FMC (Fixed-Mobile Convergence), IPTV, IMS, triple play, quad play, security, VOIP and more.

(Psst, you guys need to work in “HD Voice” into your buzzwords. Maybe replace FMC with UC)

ANYway, CES boasts that “all of the top 50 global telecommunications service providers” showed up at the show in 2010.  Be interesting to see if the Big Iron/Network people traditionally represented by TIA will exhibit and what kind of lover’s triangle may emerge between CES, TIA, and USTA – the latter two the former “partners” in SUPERCOMM during its tumultuous life.

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