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2010: All IP communication roads through the Gaylords?

COMPTEL PLUS 2010 – If you haven’t been to a Gaylord Hotel and Conference center yet, it is likely you will be for some sort of IP communications show this year.

Already, COMPTEL PLUS is winding up at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville. Next week, VoiceCon Orlando will take place at the Gaylord Orlando.

Looking forward, Metaswitch is having its users conference at the Gaylord Opryland. Fall COMPTEL PLUS is taking place at the Gaylord Dallas.  And to round off the Gaylord tour, AstriCon 2010 will take place at the Gaylord Washington at National Harbor, MD.

If you’ve never been to a Gaylord Hotel and Conference Center, the best way to describe is in one of two ways: (Identities of the telecom editors discussing the merits of the Gaylord withheld for obvious reasons)

1) “It’s like a big Las Vegas hotel. There’s no windows to the outside world and you never have to leave the property.”  To this sound bite I would add a) Quieter both acoustically and visually – no loud rattle-rattle-rattle-whoop of a gazillion slot machines, no loud colors or garish displays of flesh, but b) Yes, there is a buffet, and c) The Gaylords have more internal “green” going on inside their large atrium areas, meaning plenty of plants, water – the Gaylord Opryland has its own canal and boats – and indoor wildlife, with ducks, fish, and in one hotel, gators.

2) “If the end of the world comes, they can seal it off from the rest of the world, like Biosphere 2.”  The big atriums that are the centerpiece of the Gaylord Hotels with plant and animal life tend lend themselves to the description.

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