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Metaswitch buys AppTrigger (or that didn’t take long).

Metaswitch (www.metaswitch.com) announced it is going to acquire AppTrigger (www.apptrigger.com), a provider of “Service Broker” solutions. Given that new CEO Kevin DeNuccio has barely had time to move into his new office, one wonders what other surprises the company has in store in the months to come.

DeNuccio, previously a board member with deep roots in the IP communications industry including stints as a senior VP at Cisco and CEO of Redback Networks, became CEO on February 4; the deal was announced on March 9, so do the math.

As is typical, terms of the deal weren’t announced and it’s hard to tell if MetaSwitch has decided to spend just cash on the acquisition or if a stock/cash deal took place – this is a first time deal for MetaSwitch and a much different philosophy (i.e. acquisition rather than steady organic growth) than management and the board of directors had last year.

AppTrigger’s business is enabling established applications to be provided across new networks while also bringing new services to legacy customers.  From a telephony perspective, there’s a lot of different moving parts that AppTrigger puts together into one package and brings to the table, including of media, signaling, call control, and a family of APIs for developers.

For carriers moving out of legacy networks and into IP (hello! FCC talking about migrating off the PSTN, hello!), AppTrigger provides a “purpose-built” reusable software network element to manage service interaction and service composition, residing between the service layer and the converging network.

AppTrigger boasts of its Ignite platform being deployed in multiple Tier 1 networks worldwide and has 17 pre-defined applications interworking solutions ready to go.

Throw in LTE and mobile and 4G and VoIP/IMS and you get a lot of interesting ideas as to where a MetaSwitch/AppTrigger combo can go, especially when MetaSwitch can present the AppTrigger solution to its existing customer base of carriers.

Be interesting to see if other acquisitions take place in the months to come, or if this is more like a less frequent occurrence.

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