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Metaswitch moves CEOs to “drive next phase of growth” Uh hmm…

Metaswitch has shuffled around its leadership, moving board member/”successful industry executive” Kevin DeNuccio into the CEO role, while promoting John Lazar upward as Chairman.

The move is being touted as creating the best possible leadership team for the “next phase of the company’s evolution” – which would indicate to me that Metaswitch is looking to do more than simple organic growth moving forward.

DeNuccio’s street creds being pumped include stints at Redback Networks (bought by Ericcson), Cisco Systems, and the company formerly known as Bell Atlantic – Verizon to you Millennial kids out there.  At Redback’s CEO, he grew the company and got it bought by Ericsson for $2.1 billion.  Over at Cisco, he grew the worldwide service provider division from a $500 million, 500 person organization to $4 billion and 4,000 employees in a span of four years.

Maybe Mr. DeNuccio wants to add an IPO to his resume?

DeNuccio has been on the company’s board as an independent director since December 2008, so he’s had a ringside seat to both Metaswitch’s assets and the industry’s relative stagnation.  Can’t hurt that Nortel took a nose dive, either.

Metaswitch founder and former Chairman Ian Ferguson is “extremely enthusiastic” about the changes and will stay on the board in his capacity of the company’s Employee Benefit Trust.

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