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IT EXPO East 2010 – Digium launches online store for Asterisk

Miami – Digium has officially launched AsteriskExchange, an online market for products integrated with the Asterisk IP communications platform (Or “open source communications engine,” if you prefer Digium’s buzz phrase.)

For outside observers of Digium, this is another one of those “Dull but good” announcements as the company continues to build a sustainable and growing ecosystem around its flagship product. On-line marketplaces are in vogue – likely to be a checklist item for VC tomorrow – and work well when there are plenty of developers and platforms/devices.  Digium’s Asterisk has a community of 65,000 members (check) and millions of deployments worldwide (check), so this seems to be a no-brainer winner.

AsteriskExchange will offer everything from IP phones and gateways to call center solutions and vertical market applications; categories also exist for speech and text engines, voice prompts, and call center solutions, with new categories being created upon sufficient demand.

Asterisk developers and ecosystem partners (i.e. the phone and software guy) seem to be stoked for the prospects of the marketplace. Free listings are available for those who offer downloadable products at no cost, while pricing and promo packages are available for companies desiring a more commercial solution to be featured on AsteriskExchange.

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