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IT Expo East 2010 – Ifbyphone buys a cloud

Billed as a move that “Changes Face of Cloud Telephony, Ifbyphone has purchased privately-held Cloudvox.

Terms of the deal were (as is typical with these privately held companies) not announced, but Ifbyphone has had a phenomenal growth rate over the past year.

Cloudvox is based in Seattle and enables developers to automate phone calls  The company is a big Asterisk shop (hello Mark Spencer) and provides compatibility with existing Asterisk app and software libraries. It is also a scalable hosted service – duh, cloud – and allows developers to place, receive, and control phone calls from their own software, including the usual laundry list of Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, C# and simple HTTP/JSON.

From a services perspective, this moves Irv and Ifbyphone into an expanded portfolio of services ranging from turnkey (Ifbyphone’s various offerings) to customization (Cloudvox) of telephony apps.  The Phone 2.0 wonks should be going crazy with the possibilities.

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