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ADTRAN in pictures – Part 4 – Network and Software Testing Labs

Yes Virginia, this is the last of the ADTRAN photos.  This set covers the network and software testing labs; up “stack” beyond the physical layer if you prefer… The poster below does a good job illustrating the different types of testing that network products go through.


You’ll notice there’s a lot of different testing that all flows through Design Engineering. One day, ADTRAN will get around to working up this whole thing in a bunch of cool web pages if they’re smart…


Gee, doesn’t this look like the inside of a CO (Central Office), complete with the overhead racks.  ADTRAN’s carrier products get carrier-sized testing.


This is the DSLAM area as you can figure out by the pretty signs, a new touch. Last year, ADTRAN didn’t have the pretty signs or the testing flow posters.

ADTRAN_LAB_VDSL_InteropLooking at all these VDSL modems gives me DIGEX ISP flashbacks where you’d cram in tons of stuff on racks and racks.  I didn’t bother to count. Can we just use the metric “boatload” as in “ADTRAN hooks up a boatload of VDSL modems to test its network gear.”


And if you haven’t figured it out by now, this is the IPTV test suite, another new edition/display added on for this year.  Gotta love the large screen TVs. I wonder if they sneak in here with popcorn and wings during football season.


This is a peek into the FTTN (Fiber to the Node) room; it’s pretty small, yet they’ve managed to cram in a whole bunch of fiber deployment gear into the different bays, with each bay configured to the preferences of a specific carrier; Qwest is at the far left end, where the ladder is.


Moving onto one of my favorites, if you look down the center of the picture, you can see the “Wall of Phones” ADTRAN engineers built to do load and function testing for software/firmware updates.  The walls have phones on both sides and has wheels so they can be moved around to where they are needed in the lab.


The flowchart documents the series of tests AOS (ADTRAN operating system) goes through for voice testing before it is certified for release.  The jokers at Zynga and other social media sites might learn a few things about software testing and upgrades from this picture if they didn’t do their resource planning on the backs of napkins as an afterthought to “Hey, we need to do a software upgrade, d00d!”


This is ADTRAN’s “Wall of OTNs,” optical terminal devices, similar to the “Wall of Phones,” except it has fiber node devices on it.

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  • The new networking and software testing labs is been constructed. The most impressive part of the lab which I liked the most was the room in which the phones were hanging on both sides of the walls and a interesting thing about it was that it contained wheels for their movement.

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