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Verizon deploys production long-haul 100G optical system

Continuing to demonstrate that, yes, technology is good, Verizon has announced the deployment of a 100G optical long haul circuit in Europe.  The circuit/gear was deployed on the company’s European optical network between Paris and Frankfurt (and why do the Europeans get the good stuff first?).  Needless to say, this is the first time for deployment of long-haul (“ultra-long-haul” if you prefer Verizon verbiage) 100G using a single channel on a production network.

Verizon has been trialing 100G for a while (since November 2007) at distances of more than 1,000 kilometers, so this is no big surprise.  What will be more interesting is to see how Verizon will proliferate the tech within its network and how many other carriers will follow suit.  Currently, the world runs on a lot of 10G and some 40G circuits, so the first 100G move by Verizon makes it “safe” for others to follow/catch-up.

Nortel’s Metro Ethernet Networks division (and who is supposed to be buying them lately?) is providing the 100G technology between Verizon routers over a 893 kilometer (555 mile) route without modification of the system.  The 100G circuit runs on one wavelength and can be run on with other live 10G wavelengths.  Upgrading is designed as a “plug and play” approach.

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