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ADTRAN brags about shotgun testing – where’s the YouTube video?

Down in Huntsville last week, an ADTRAN executive was bragging about one of its pieces of outdoor gear was so tough that it had been spec’ed and tested to take a shotgun blast at 10 feet — without the paint being scratched.   I, of course, immediately asked to witness the test in person, but no joy there.

If the paint scratches, this means that the underlying material is exposed to the elements, leaving the container vulnerable to weathering and/or corrosion.

Needless to say, I would like to see this test on a YouTube video. I’m sure they do it under controlled conditions outdoors, rather than dumping everything into the back of someone’s pickup truck, setting things up out in a field, and then blasting away.

(Or, alternatively, putting it out in the woods, painting a bird or other game animal on it, and picking it up after the end of hunting season…)

Maybe shotgun testing could be one of the bonus media activities next year — altho’ I’m not sure I could trust some pundits with a loaded gun, given their “Ready, fire, aim” methodology.

Do they use a 12 gauge shotgun? 20? This is serious “Mythbuster” material — science, testing, and guns!   Heck, R. Lee Ermey is cheap and will do anything for a buck, get HIM as the special guest tester if you won’t let me do it…

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