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Verizon Business goes IT crazy

Racking up its latest win, Verizon Business has announced AMF Bowling Centers as its latest IT win.  It’s part of a bigger march that must be giving heartburn to system integrators such as IBM, HP, and EDS.

VB will run an integrated IP network solution for AMF that includes over 300 bowling centers in 38 states, including VoIP,  point of sale and credit card transactions, web hosting, video streaming, an on-demand hosted solution for music (think one big jukebox for customers).  Later on, a video surveillance system and a centralized energy management system will be deployed.

New IT wins Verizon has announced over the last three months include JetBlue, Nissan North America,  and Virgin Blue Group.  The company is also making a big push into the the health care IT arena, so it’ll start racking up a bunch of wins in that sector down the road.

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