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Ditech does voice-to-text for Microsoft Exchange 2010

Ditech Networks has announced that its PhoneTag voice-to-text service has been chosen as an “integrated option” on Microsoft Exchange Unified Exchange 2010.  PhoneTag converts voice mail into text and then sends the transcript directly to a user’s inbox as an email attachment, so you can read your voicemail through your email client.

Users will get a look at PhoneTag through Microsoft’s Voice Mail Preview Partnership.   PhoneTag is described as a “cloud” service that uses a proprietary system to deliver what the company describes “highly accurate” transcribed voicemail messages; the service has racked up numerous awards from the industry press.

This is Ditech’s latest move to leverage its portfolio of voice processing technology and turn it into deliverable hosted services.  Carriers can still buy the parts and pieces to implement and run their own value-added services, but hosted provides an easier turn-up and ramp without all that icky CapX and ongoing in-house maintenance.

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