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HD Voice Summit at the 2010 CES - January 6, 2010

My major face-to-face project these days is the HD Voice Summit at 2010 CES on Wednesday, January 6, 2010 in Las Vegas. More specifically–

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HD Voice Summit at the 2010 CES: Communicating the Future

Leap with us into the future of high-definition voice communications! Carriers around the world are starting to offer phone calls with FM-quality sound through both broadband and mobile services. France Telecom already has over half-million HD Voice users! Where’s the industry at the moment? What challenges — and promise — does the future hold as we move from 1930s-era sound to 21st century quality?

You’ll find more info and how to register at  http://www.cesweb.org/sessions/search/results.asp?categoryID=1882

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