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911 PSAP goes SIP

Elliott County, Kentucky is laying claim to being the first 9-1-1 center to be connected via SIP to its telecom provider in the U.S.

The county PSAP (public safety answering point) is using InterAct services and products to leverage its all IP-based emergency communications system, including computer aided dispatch and mapping software, to get emergency personnel dispatched to where they are needed as quickly as possible.

It’s cool because it is all IP and it works between the PSAP and the local phone company, Mountain Rural Telecom Cooperative.  Funding for the project was been made posible through a variety of state and local monies. In the future, the PSAP will be able to receive 911 text messages, as well as telematics (i.e. OnStar style location-reporting), vidoe, audio, and other data, cuz  it is all software…

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