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XO's good news expanding capacity

XO Communications bragged about its third major nationwide network capacity upgrade last week.  Using Infinera equipment, the company has “more than” doubled its inter-city transport network capacity.

According to XO, the upgrade will be completed later this year and is being done to continue to meet the increasing demand for high-capacity network services from its customers, including carriers, service providers, and large enterprise customers.  As a part of the upgrade, XO will be offering a “10 Gigs in 10 Days” carrier service guarantee, able to provision high-speed service (from 1 GBps to 40 Gbps, with up to 100 Gbps in the future) between any two points in the network in 10 days or less.

(And I remember when it took weeks to get a T-3 in…)

XO says it has invest more than $450 million to enhance and expand its network infrastructure and its network is now capable of reaching nearly half of all busiensses in the United States. This is a good sign for both IP communications and economic growth in general…

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