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A summary of HD Communications Pieces

Over the past week, I’ve been pulling together information to pump up the HDConnectNow website, www.hdconnectnow.org.    Here’s a summary of the different thought pieces and the coverage of the first HD Communications Summit back in May (May! How time flies…)

Thought pieces on HD Communications

HD Communications: The Third Wave

HD Communications – HD voice as the most cost-effective upgrade
What can the Obama Administration do for HD Communications?
If Blair Levin is at the FCC, what might this mean for HD Communications?
One missing of the HD Communications puzzle – A standards framework
HD Communications Summit: Analysis – Will international needs bootstrap HD voice?
Working through the communications continuum

Coverage of the First HD Communications Summit

Summary: 29 things I learned at the HD Communications Summit

Presentations at the HD Communications Summit – pictures
HD Communications Summit: Analysis – Will international needs …

HD Communications Summit: HD Cellular is happening

HD Communications Summit: Islands of HD, trending upward

HD Communications Summit: Cable bides its time.

HD Communications Summit: Codec convergence, “HD” logo take center …

HD Communications Summit: Pulver announces HD marketing association, FCC petition, fall event

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