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Voxeo gets Asterisk open, cloud-y.

Voxeo has made two open source announcements in the last two days, establishing Voxeo Labs for open source/open standard solutions and releasing the Tropo.com cloud telephony service source code for free under open source licenses.

Voxeo Labs will be staffed by the guys who brought you Adhearsion, Jay Phillips and Jason Goecke.  Since Adhearson is built on the Ruby programming language and sits on top of the Asterisk open source telephony platform, there’s plenty of openness already built into the founding of Voxeo Labs.

The first product flowing out of Voxeo is the Tropo.com cloud telephony service source code. Tropo.com provides a cloud telephony service to enable developers to write voice apps in languages such as Groovy, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby, providing a direct alternative to translating to and fro in XML formats.  Tropo is built entirely on open standards including SIP, Java SIP servlets, and IETF’s MRCP.

Tropo source code released today includes the Tropo SIP Servlet and Tropo API “Shims” for Groovy, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Ruby programming languages.  Voxeo Labs will release additional Tropo components in the coming weeks to run Tropo apps in private clouds, elastic computing services, or on servers in conjunction with Voxeo’s free Prophecy platform.

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