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Yes, Google Voice will give pain to Skype

As I noted last week, Google Voice is going to make life difficult for Skype — not traditional carriers.  Business Week seems to be in line with my general thinking in a piece out this morning — but gets confused on the details.

Where the Business Week “gets it”–

1) Google’s ubiqulity and many many linked-together apps will drag Google Voice into the picture

2) Google will compete with Skype for SMB dollars and long distance dialing dollars.
Where Business Week doesn’t get it–

1) Implying that Google Voice will be more than a SMB alternative to replace Cisco and Microsoft offerings. NOT.  SMB hosted is different than the larger enterprise offerings that Cisco and Microsoft have out.

2) Implying that GV – a FMC-esque app if you have multiple numbers all over the place — challenges Truphone and Jajah’s revenue  in the mobile VoIP space. Truphone has the whole SIM card play so I think they’re OK.  Jajah runs VoIP calling for other companies, so I don’t see them taking a big hit here…

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1 comment to Yes, Google Voice will give pain to Skype

  • Sarah

    Google is entering in VoIP marketing while keeping Android and Blackberry in hand. That will be interesting to watch that how current players i.e Truphone, Vopium or Skype act against it.

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