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Verizon landline dialtone restored, but questions remain.

At one point this morning, there were two Verizon trucks plus a contractor’s pickup with backhoe at the ready.

Turns out they only need a couple of shovels.

Around the corner, the lead Verizon tech of the day found damage that apparently had come from/around work done on the cable company box — a finding that will, no doubt, be something Verizon takes up with Cox and the VA SCC.

My copper has been spliced/fixed, the temp line has been restored, so all is happy in the world for now.

But still, why was I quoted up to seven days for someone to look at the initial problem? Why is Verizon having to haul techs up from Richmond to work through a backlog of repair tickets in Northern Virginia? Would I still be waiting for someone to look at my line today if I hadn’t dropped a dime (well, clicked a link) to the VA SCC?

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