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Verizon Repair fiasco continues…

This morning, I called Verizon’s number to see what time a tech would be out to look at my dead landline

Much to my surprise, the auto-bot said the trouble ticket had been closed. Once again, using the magic word “Attendant” to cut through the voice recognition robot, I got a live human being who said that the line had been “fixed” at 9:30 AM.

I expressed my dismay, since 1) The tech hadn’t knocked on the door and 2) how was I supposed know that the line was fixed? Oh and 3) I still did not have dial tone.

So, we went into the rote script of “Unplug all of your phones for five to ten minutes, then plug back in a standard phone and see if you have dial tone” and if that doesn’t work — call back and ask a supervisor.

Did as instructed. No dial tone in the home. Call back. Ask to speak to a supervisor. All supervisors are busy.

“Can I have the name of a supervisor?” “They’re a pool”

“Can I have a direct number so I won’t have to deal with the auto-attendant?” “There’s no direct number.”

Call ends with me asking for a supervisor to call me back at my alternative phone number and being assured someone will call me back today.

Uh huh.

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3 comments to Verizon Repair fiasco continues…

  • d griffith

    I am having exactly the same issue and response with verizon! This is my life lately. I have come to the conclusion that they have a bank of goons sitting in a room or at home who recite the same trouble shooting fixes, set up bogus appointments then close the tickets without ever reporting anything! On the website, my tickets are closed and the problem listed has nothing to do with what I even called about! The site is now timing me out before I can re-file another repair request…I think they blackballed my number…I refuse to call them again.

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  • susan eig

    I do high level telecom project management. I in the midst of a 1000 line install of which I have 2 sites in Verizon territory.

    Suffice it to say the lines that were ordered (4 analogs in one location and 4 in another) do not work and when they finally did and I need to call back to have old numbers forwarded to the new, our reps are all gone, there isn’t a “business office # anymore” and I can’t get anywhere with any of the bots even after I say Attendant. Any humans I try to dial are always out of the office and just tell me to call Verizon Telecom to handle forwarding requests, of course they never give me the number for VZT. In my 20 years that I’ve been doing this Verizon is always the biggest nightmare EVER! and will have you screwing up your projects all the time.

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