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Straight talk from a Verizon supervisor…

At 11:40 AM, a Verizon supervisor — the second tier guys who actually know what the f*** is going on — called me back and clarified the status of the phone repair–

1) The copper is dead between my house and the distribution point, there are no alternatives, Verizon is going to have to dig and put in new copper.

2) This process may take up to 7 days (worst case), since it is now a weekend, Miss Utility has to be called to mark the lines and then Verizon’s contractor has to come out to dig-dig-dig… *sigh*

3) “Bob” the supervisor noted that if the first-line person who had taken the call had scrolled down the record a bit more, she should have seen that A) Phone line was dead, Jim and B) There was another work order generated for replacing the copper from this morning’s tech assessment.  So, she should have not told me that I had service restored and go through the rote ritual of “unplug the phones, wait 5 minutes, try again, that doesn’t work, call back.”

The supervisor — who I bet installed his share of network when he was younger — did not think kindly of the first line response person. Ya gotta love a guy who doesn’t sugar coat things :)


The moral of this story should NOT be “I hate Verizon.”   I love the line guys and techs who don’t try to B.S. me, they just tell me what’s going on, like the guy yesterday up from Richmond working through the backlog of repairs.  These are people who care about the customer and have pride in their work and they know that they can make a person’s day because they’ve dealt with some of the back office crap and it doesn’t make them any happier.

I really wish Ivan and the rest of the Verizon senior leadership would stop and take a moment to reassess and repair Verizon’s customer service organization on the landline side.

P.S. Shoutout to Andy Abramson — happy to make you smile!

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  • mikex

    I’m a cable guy from a long time ago. I owned the company. Some tree cutters cut my brother’s plain old telephone service (POTS), so he asked me to fix it over the weekend. I put on cotton gloves because there’s voltage on that line, matched up the color codes from the three important wires, then stretched some junk wire I had in my cable truck to join them. Presto, the phone worked again. You can do that too if you know where the wire is broken. I put a little shelter over the wire so it wouldn’t get wet if it rained, which might have caused a hum in the line. Nevertheless, some kids came along and pulled the whole thing apart. My brother called the following Monday and had the Telco guys do a permanent repair with heat shrink and the whole nine yards. By the way, I owned the cable company at the time.

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