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More repair activity from Verizon this Saturday

Pull into my driveway at approximately 2:30 PM today to see the s local Verizon guy in front of my access box (NIC), and there’s a piece of gray wire coming out of it, looped around/across my neighbor’s fence perimeter. The wire crosses the fence on the other side of my neighbor’s lawn and is plugged into my neighbor’s NIC.

I have Verizon dial tone. It’s an ugly lashup, but I’m not going to complain at the moment

Filing a complaint with the Virginia SCC (think PUC) is powerful s**t, my friends.

I also have a call from another person at Verizon who has sounded the alarm and says I should expect a Miss Utility truck today to mark the buried lines, with a contractor out either today or Monday to dig up and splice in new copper.

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