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Virginia PUC responds faster than Verizon landline repair

My Verizon landline went dead on Monday. I filed a trouble ticket on Monday evening. At that time I was told that “the latest someone would be out to look at my line would be Monday, July 13, but if there’s someone free earlier, we’ll call you…”

Seven days for a tech to come out seems excessive by any stretch of the imagination. I suppose I could call the President of Verizon Virginia to complain — that’s the secret ninja trick that all Verizon employees know — but I don’t have his number in my cards.

Instead, this morning I went to the Virgina PUC and emailed in a complaint this morning. By the time I returned from the gym today, I received a response which read in part…

As to the current service quality regulations, 95% or more of all telephone company outages should be cleared within 48 hours.¬† The quoted ‘seven days’ interval is not acceptable to the Commission’s standards and should not be a company policy within Verizon.”

Hmm, I should pull out my notes form the last time I tried to deal with Verizon repair. Took them almost TWO WEEKS to get a tech dispatched and service up.
Stay tuned.
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