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Mitel presses Ottawa over lost VoIP contract

Mitel doesn’t know when to quit, but will the PR damage be worth the cost? While we Yanks were getting an early start for the 4th on the 3rd, The Ottawa Citizen reports that Ottawa’s procurement experts said the city should reject Mitel’s protests on a VoIP contract award and immediately give the business to Bell and Cisco Systems.

This whole fiasco started in April, when Mitel first alleged the contract process was unfair while at the same time offering a $2 million (CN) “gift” of VoIP phones in exchange for an exclusive deal to provide technology and services.  The “gift” was turned down, but Mitel has continued to press the attack, threatening legal action and waging a PR campaign to explain what it thought was wrong with the bid process.

Mitel wants the process canceled immediately, and start all over again. The company is whining that Cisco had an unfair advantage in the phone contract because it had been awarded a contract to upgrade the computer network  — (Hello, what kind of BS is this? 1) Wasn’t the Cisco network win publicly announced by the city? Bet it was 2) Uh, IP is IP; shouldn’t make a difference if Juniper or Cisco or Nortel (well, strike last) equipment is in the core of the city’s network. VoIP is an app that goes on top of the network).

An independent review found Mitel’s claims “overblown.”

IMHO, Mitel should suck it up and move on.  It tried to bribe, er “gift” its way back into contention in exchange for an exclusive to supply the city with VoIP tech. When that didn’t work, it started making noises about not knowing that Cisco had upgraded the computer network and started making noises about suing over the contract.   Trying to bribe and bully your way into business is not a way to earn good will.

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