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Microsoft Office Communications Server gets another carrier

Adam Uzelac — aka voiploser on Twitter — is tweeting Global Crossing rolling out Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) R2.   This makes two carriers that have embraced OCS for internal usage.

At VoiceCon this spring, Sprint was talking about its love for OCS and how it would save them a ton of money since the company was consolidating onto one PBX platform — an important thing, given Sprint’s current financial straits.

Critics of OCS hype at VoiceCon noted the platform didn’t have any good answers for survivability or E-911 support and that Microsoft wasn’t expected to roll out something with both features to make OCS a “true” PBX replacement in 2010 with Release 3.

VoIPLoser, er Adam, says Global Crossing will tackle the survivability issue with more servers and E-911 through the use of cell phones.

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