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MetaSwitch brings softswitch to Latin America

MetaSwitch has announced a “strategic alliance” (i.e. reseller relationship) with Technology Bureau, a larger system integrator in Latin America.  Technology Bureau, headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentine, is partnering with Metaswitch to deploy MetaSwitch technology for local operators in the region.

The two firms announced their joint sales strategy during a seminar program last week.  Technology Bureau will handle will handle provisioning, installation, maintenance and support, as well as a “range of professional services from network engineering and training to turn-key solution deployment” while MetaSwitch will provide the gear and software.  Currently, MetaSwitch has over 400 customers in North America and the Caribbean.

During its annual user group event this year, MetaSwitch said it would be expanding operations in Latin America, so there’s no drastic surprise in today’s announcement.  Last week, MetaSwitch announced a customer win in the Netherlands Antilles, a small island north of Venezuela.

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