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Belkin plays catchup on gigabit powerline networking adapter

Hello! Belkin! Hello!

I have been encouraged by my more recent speed tests with the Belkin gigabit powerline network adapter, but the company is still playing catchup in terms of its support issues, me thinks.

On July 1, Belkin posted a “beta” firmware upgrade for the F5D4076 … but doesn’t tell you what the firmware is supposed to fix/improve on the Gigabit adapter. No documentation or release notes, just an .exe to download and run.  And the Mac and Linux crowd will be ticked because you need a Windows box to run the firmware upgrader… but they should be used to that by now.

Running the package installs the Belkin “upgrader” with three little icons; one starts the flash for the firm ware, one is a blue “I” giving the version — a most reassuring v0.6.0, and and an exit icon.  I’d like to know more before I flash it in.

FYI, the CD shipped with the device only provides a user’s manual. As I noted before, the NetGear guys provided a software client to access its 85 Mbps Powerline bridges to give you an idea about actual speed connections without having to stare at the blinky lights on the outside of the box.

ANOTHER improvement both Belkin and NetGear could provide is a speed utility to test throughput between devices both from device to network and peer-to-peer between devices.  Doubly so for Belkin, since they’re bragging Gigabit speeds under some optimum configuration setup I have yet to witness.

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