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Initial tests of Belkin Gigabit powerline adapter – mixed results

UPDATE: You may want to check my updated testing of the Belkin Gigabit powerline adopter here.

I’ve had the Belkin Gigabit powerline adapter(s) in service and testing for about 12 hours and they may be going back to Best Buy in the next 24 hours if preliminary testing holds up; I may exchange them for another set, however… don’t know.

The devices I have seem to flake out after 5 minutes, dropping from about 17-20 Mbps initially to about 3-5 Mbps throughput… so, it could be a heat problem, could be a buffer problem. Either way, not so good; interestingly, the upstream throughput doesn’t take a hit.

It would help if Belkin had thrown in a software tool (like Netgear did for its 85Mbps bridge) to “look” at the throughput on the bridge for diagnostic purposes.

Testing protocol is simplistic: Speakeasy’s Speed Test. To make sure machine or network variables are ruled out, I’m testing two computers side-by-side, switching the Ethernet connection between them, and then using Wi-Fi to pull a “known” comparison speed test as a contrast.

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