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Oh joy, you can now wait in line for Google Voice

Andy Abramson is reporting that Google Voice now has a signup page to stand in line for the service. More specifically, the page says:

Google Voice invitation request

Please leave your name and email, and we’ll invite you as soon as Google Voice becomes available. If you left us your email address previously on the GrandCentral site, you don’t need to resubmit it here.”

Instead of being “available,” as most of the leaks were implying, The Goog seems to be playing the same crappy head games as it did with the availability of Gmail — tease people that the product is coming, making it available to a limited number of people, and then, posits Andy, get those people to invite in other people.

Your phone is not your email. And I’m waiting for someone to throw a fit over all these “free” phone numbers getting tossed around into the system. If The Google does have over a million phone numbers reserved and ready to hand out,  it’s going to cause a crunch somewhere in the national system of allocating phone numbers.  No such thing as a free lunch, my friends.

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