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VoIP Trunk sucks up to Digium

Gotta love a good gimmick when I see one.

Newly minted startup VoIP Trunk is offering a free SIP/IAX trunking account to all Digium employees. Don’t believe me? From VT’s blog:

“We love Digium for giving the world Asterisk. And as a small ‘thank you’, we’d like to give Digium a small gift in return. We’d like to give a VoIPTrunk SIP/IAX trunking account to all Digium employees. No charge, of course. All Digium employees can send an email to digium@voiptrunk.com from their digium.com email address and we will hook’em up!”

Of course, a few days later, there has to be a clarification–

“Hey Digium people. Guess what. There is no free SIP/IAX trunking account. It was all just a big email harvesting scam so we can incessantly spam you into buying a Fonality-green colored Snuggie!

We’re kidding. Actually we’re excited about the response we’ve received from you. We’re hard at work creating your accounts and will get back to you in short order. Promise. And no snuggie spam.”

Well, maybe VoIP Trunk can start handing out SIP trunks to bloggers… no, wait the FTC is cracking down on that, alas

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