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Will today be the day for Google Voice? Or tomorrow? Or the day after? Or…?

Google Voice was suppose to open to the public last week. And it has purportedly reserved one milllllion phone numbers to hand out as freebies, claims Network World’s inside source.

So today, the world sits with baited breath – NOT. I really wish the Google fanboys would get a life and remember some history.

Wishful speculation that Google would do to the phone companies what it has done for voice have been taking place since The Goog started buying up long haul circuits to connect its data centers — I mean, this was back when the VON shows were in full swing a couple of years ago.

Instead, what came out was GoogleTalk, an IM client with a peer-to-peer voice feature and no PSTN connectivity or phone numbers — and P.S., the website still has it in beta.

But lo, The Goog bought GrandCentral in 2007 and the fan boys rejoiced again.  Surely, this would be the application to slay the phone companies! And then … nothing, as GrandCentral stayed in beta and stayed, and stayed…

Fast forward to this spring, and Google Voice is relaunched in a restricted beta with some new bells and whistles.   More rumors last week that Google Voice would go public on Thursday … but not.  A TechCrunch leak/rumor that Google Voice will, somewhere down the road, support number porting, so you can take that phone number you have and hand it over to The Google.

Maybe there’s some synergistic future where Android and Google Voice work together, but Android currently has more traction than whatever they’ve got going at GV…

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