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Sipera senses G.722

Security vendor Sipera Systems says it is seeing evidence of G.722 uptake among its enterprise customers.

While VP of Marketing Adam Boone didn’t have specific numbers, Sipera’s sales force has lot of “anecdotal” evidence of customers and channels asking about G.722 support.  G.722 provides an advantage over other codecs as it provides higher voice quality with the same amount of bandwidth used.   The company incorporated G.722 support into its free UCSniff security tool in the fall of 2008 and Sipera’s (paid) network tools can enforce policies on what codecs are used within the enterprise.

Boone believes increased adoption of high-quality voice will probably take place within the call center,  with a “more efficient call center” translating to better interaction with the customer.  Savings from better call quality translates to less time spent on the phone per customer.

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