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HD Communications – GIPS pounds the HD drum

Regardless of what anyone else is/isn’t doing, GIPS is pounding the drum on HD voice.  The company was recently feted in Telephony for its efforts with customers Communigate and Nimbuzz.

Over in Europe, people are starting to clamor for HD voice, says Communigate, with HD providing a key advantage on a speaker phone with multiple parties participating around the table. HD codecs and technology are providing improvements in Communigate’s softphone, says a company official.

Nimbuzz’s app uses GIPS HD voice tech to deliver quality voice, according to the article. Exactly what codecs and under what conditions you get HD aren’t clear in the piece — Nimbuzz is one of the “me too”  mobile VoIP/social networking/”We’ll make our money from low-cost minutes” players, so it has clients spread across a variety of platforms from PCs and the web to smart phones.

GIPS is positioning itself as a company providing a little more than just codecs and a little less than an application or device; company spokespeople haven’t been afraid to take shots at Skype’s SILK codec for it lack of indemnification, a feature that GIPS provides.

Source: Telephony Online

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