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Obama FCC nomintees get their day on Capital Hill

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman nominee Julius Genachowski got the typical Capital Hill posturing lectures today at his confirmation hearing, but appears to be on track to be confirmed with Senate Commerce Committee leadership homing for a confirmation vote before July 4.

Democratic Senators seemed to be more on point to delivery lectures more appropriate for former Chairman Kevin Martin.  “”Fix the agency or we will fix it for you,”  said Senator John Rockefeller ( D-W.Va.), “Prove to us that the FCC is not battered beyond repair.”  Senator Bryon Dorgan (D-N.D.) also chimed in with “It seems to me that you will lead a rather unhealthy agency. We’ve been through a period of substantial secrecy.”

For his part, Genachowski stuck to happy script sound bites, such as telling Rockefeller “The FCC should be a model for transparency, openness and fairness” and saying he would bring  “common sense” to government rule-making and that the FCC can serve as a model for  “excellence in government” through “open, fair and data-driven processes.” (The ghost of Kevin Martin wasn’t known for open processes).

Robert McDowell also appeared before the Senate Commerce Committee Tuesday for his confirmation hearing. McDowell is the Republican “bundled” into this set of hearings and is up for his second term as a FCC Commissioner.  McDowell is known as a free-market guy, but has demonstrated a more collegial approach to working out issues than Martin.

Source: Wall Street Journal carrying Dow Jones report.

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