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Google Voice to offer number porting *sigh*

TechCrunch says Google Voice is really, truely going to offer number portability as well as some mobile UC/FMC smart-phone functionality. Why do normally sane people lose all common sense when it comes to what Google does?

Yes, Google Voice nee’ GrandCentral, is a really cool service to unite your mobile and landline number(s) and, yes it would be really nice if GV adds number portability later this year, but just the gushing over what should have been a no-brainer basic feature is galling.

Regrettably, a lot of people have this cult-like wish that Google Voice will be a big club against the head of the traditional phone companies.   If Google spent more than two cents to actually PROMOTE Google Voice, I might buy into the dream.

Or if Google hadn’t sat on GrandCentral for a year before releasing the (barely improved) Google Voice service this spring, I might buy into it, but the March ’09 release of GV included voicemail transcripts to email, archiving and searching of SMS text message and the “I can’t believe this unoriginal idea” of low-cost international calls to generate revenue.  Ptah! I expect better from a company that has billions to burn!

When GV moves out of the novelty phase and starts generating real revenue, it will be time to get excited.

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