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HD Communications – Where do Cox and Global Crossing stand?

As I clean out my in-box of bits and pieces this week, Cox and Global Crossing are two different companies that have indicated they doing to do something with HD Communications and HD Voice.  The bigger questions are “When?” and “How?”

A Cox spokesperson said the company was looking into HD Voice, but at this point in time a product will emerge “closer to 2011.”  He also said that 2011 is a long way out and “a lot can happen” between now and then.

Based upon some previous conversations I’ve had, Cox’s biggest project these days is rolling out its telephony applications platform to all of its market.  Once that is done, then HD is — to grab the phrase from Optimum Lightpath — just another app.

Global Crossing has made no official statements about HD Voice product(s), but one of its network gurus — Adam “voiploser” Uzelac — is certainly making some interesting comments about about HD on his twitter feed and company blog.  Speaking from personal experience, you don’t really think about HD that deeply until you start to do HD.

Me thinks Adam is doing HD, and he’s not doing it for the novelty factor.

Since Global Crossing has a strong Enterprise business and offers collaboration solutions (i.e. audio and video conferencing),  an HD voice offering build around conferencing isn’t a big stretch of the imagination.   Based upon my perspective and experience, Global Crossing tends to buy best-of-breed solutions, deploy them, then allow the vendors supplying the nuts and bolts to talk about the technical details 12-18 months later :)

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