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Interoute gets Microsoft SIP trunking cert – why drag Skype into it?

Microsoft has certified Interoute as the first European provider to supply SIP trunking for Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) R2.  Why bother to drag Skype into the press release? Slow news day?

The Interoute release touts the announcement as enabling business-class unified commuications to “compete directly with Skype” for corporate users. I’m sure Skype is quite flattered to be mentioned as such serious competition, but comparing Skype’s nacient capabilities with what you can do with OCS R2 today is, well, apples and durian fruit.

Skype is working on a better enterprise and SMB story, but they aren’t there yet — Microsoft is, has been, and is embedded into lots of large businesses, both directly and through reseller channels such as the service providers.

How many Tier 1/Tier 2/Tier 3 phone companies are reselling Skype into the enterprise?  Zero.  Skype is still working on building its reseller channels and they’ve got a lot of work ahead of them.

If enterprises want to do SIP trunking via OCS R2, they don’t need to think about Skype in the picture. Just bizarre…

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