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DT decides to allow Skype – for a price

Deutsche Telekom (DT) has said it won’t ban VoIP on its mobile networks in Germany, but customers will have to pay extra for the service.   Can’t wait to see this get taking to the EU.

DT T-Mobile customers in Germany will shell out a surcharge starting at 9.95 euros per month to use VoIP services; the phone company is justifying the gouging by sayng it has to make “significant investments” in in its networks and IP addresses to offer the customer the option to use VoIP within its mobile network. However, the spokesperson would not elaborate futher on how this “necessary investment” differs from vanilla data services already running across its network to iPhones, G1 Android phones or windows Mobile phones.

At the end of 2008, T-Mobile had sold more than 330,000 iPhones; it wasn’t talking about the number of Android phones it had running.

So for $14 and loose change per month, DT will charge extra to “allow” the use of such apps. No details if this extra charge will include a quality of service guarantee for the “investment.”  Can’t wait to hear about how DT will charge extra for the app, yet not guarantee QoS for it.

Skype is going to have a field day with this announcement, beating its chest about how this illustrates the need for net neutrality and open networks, yadda-yadda-yadda.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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