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Dialogic, Digium get social

Dialogic and Digium have recently launched online communities to stimulate applications development for their respective products.   Digium is providing code, while Dialogic is offering prizes for new apps.

The Dialogic Exchange Network (DEN) and the Dialogic Innovator Award [Yours truly as one of the award judges] were launched in late April.  DEN is an online social networking community for customers, developers, Dialogic employees and others to connect, share ideas, learn about industry trends, and do the whole forum thing.

If you get a good idea from DEN for developing a new application, the Dialogic Innovator Award Contest awaits.  The most innovative application built using Dialogic components gets a free one-year service and support contact, $5000 credit to a future purchase of Dialogic products, t-shirts, press releases, and a joint marketing opportunity with the company.

Over at Digium, Switchvox Developer Central was launched last week. The website provides a wiki containing documentation for the Switchvox Extend API, a forum for discussions, a blog for the Digium engineering team, and tools for development and testing.

The big deal out of this is the exposure of the Switchvox Extend API. Third-party developers (i.e. either the do-it-yourself admin or a VAR/system integrator) can now go integrate their phone system with a custom web app.  It opens up a world of Switchvox-tailored vertical applications and ad hoc mashups.

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